Friday, 22 October 2010

Best and Worsts~ (2)

Ah xD I've been one lazy ass again x3
Here's the entry that was supposed to be posted like a trillion ages ago oxo

Group : ... C-ute
The hell D: I can't believe I'm saying this xD But with Momusu rocking my socks like never and BK slowly but steadily climbing up in terms of awesomeness, C-ute is the group to least interest me lately D:

Girl : Tsugunaga Momoko
Tehehe~~ XD
Uh, I'm gonna get hated if I start to tell all the reasons oxo
Do I care? ... Nope ;D

I cannot stand her helium bag voice and I seem to get irritated as fuck everytime I hear her, to the point that I wanna pull my hair out.
Then... Oh god. xD You should really see all the faces I make when I see pics of her. You would have a good laugh 8D
I find her fugly, scary, absolutely UNappealing whatsoever. Plain annoying and a torture to look at xD All the pigtails she's wearing lately make me rofl.
If those were her idea of hairstyle, then she's fucking insane yo. xD

Psh. I could go on, (I could even write a friggin book to show my hate) but I don't wanna get lynched.

Single : Seishun Collection
Not nice. At all D:
Too bad the covers were damn epik x_x

Song : Mano Erina's 3 indies. >_>

Album : Shocking 5 (probably)
The rest are too damn epik, and this is nothing near them.

Photobook : Kinyobi / Friday (Kago Ai)
Major ew D:
You can clearly tell that the photographer was a novice, the pics are poorly made, vulgar, and not even artistic ._.
It's depressing to see Kago like that. Really D:
Don't get me wrong, I have NOTHING against generous amounts of skin showing, but this PB is the obvious proof of how low she reached.

Live performance :
My poor ears.

Concert : Hello Chanpuru
It's my least favorite concert (because of the suckass setlist)
Still, the girls did a great hob as always x3

Shuffle Unit : Pucchimoni V
YET AGAIN, not a fan of cuteness overload. The old Pucchimoni still is a friggin legend, and putting Mano, Hagiwara and Nakky in the same unit with that name is like a insult to their memory :)
(I still love Nakky though xD)

PV : *fail* cannot decide xDD
Yuke Yuke Monkey dance, Sakura Chirari, Dchinghis Khan, Mikan

Dance shot : Either Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance (*still traumatized with it*) or Ookina Ai de Motenashite
Fugly dances are fugly.

Momusu generation : cannot decide xD
I love all of them ♥

CD cover :

And I still think this is a fucking joke xD

Haircut :

WTF IS this?

Never been a fan of this hairstyle on Reina. D:

Non-flattering and plain. Just like she is =D

Okok this is kinda rushed xD
Next post will be Ada's hall of awesome pics October edition 8D

Friday, 1 October 2010

Bests and Worsts~

So this topic was created on H!O too, but I was too lazy to write something for each of them xD
Now that I'm bored, warning: this will be a loooong long rant. xD

Group : Morning Musume
This should be obvious lol. xD Their lives are the smex. Period 8D

Girl : Takahashi Ai
LOL xD Not bias at all, she can do about everything xD Except hoola hoooping xD
Everything I look for in an idol, she has. My perfect sweetheart

Single : Kanashimi Twilight (glorious) and Seishun Bus Guide (plain awesome)
C-ute's Tokaikko Junjou is worth a mention here too xD

Song : Shabondama
I get goosebumps everytime I see it live xD That's one legendary masterpiece, can't be messed with 8D

Album : 10 My Me
This wasn't my very first H!P product bought for nothing xD BUT. I also like Rainbow 7, 6th Otakebi, We are Buono! and Platinum 9 Disc

Photobook : Katachi *nosebleed*
... Basically each and every unequaled in number masterpieces of Aichan xD
Eririn's sweet and Risako's Risō are really nice too oxo

Live performance :

Ok so this one is not a live, but. XD You can't deny that the girls never looked so happy and cute and energetic and absolutely fabulous *_*

Oh yes. Now THIS is what I'm talking about 8D *is absolutely obsessed with it*
Reina was awesome with her scream D: -Can't believe I'm saying this xD-
The wotassss, god *_* Okok I'll stop the fangirling now xD

Concert : cannot decide xD
I'm torn between MM's PikaPika 2010 Spring , Hello Pro Award 2009 Winter Sotsugyou Special, MM's Morning Curry 2006

Shuffle Unit : High King
Seriously, do I really need to give a reason here? xD

PV : *fail* cannot decide xDD
Nanchatte Renai, Gachinko de Ikou, Dakishimete Dakishimete, MY BOY, Shouganai Yume Oibito

Dance shot : Naichau Kamo
I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, it's still one of my fave dances of H!P xD
Also, Onna ni Sachi are and Ambitious Yashinteki de Ii jan are really original and inspired too :3

Momusu generation : GOKKIES. ♥♥♥
If you read my perverted AiGaki fanfics, you would knew that already xD

CD cover :

Badly photoshopped, but i LOVE it x_x

Haircut :

Oh yes Aichan, YES PLS.

Awwww Miya ♥

Perfect AiSayu *w*

Socko 8DD

Outfit(s) :

OMFG. *nosebleed*

Tomorrow I will write the Worsts one, to not make this hugeass post even more huge ._.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ada's hall of awesome pics (September edition)

They are not impressed, yo.

Great. Huge ass is going to block the view of the Aichan wota being beaten up like crap after asking her to marry him.

I chose not to comment on the JunJun massive armpit.

Aika : *farts*
GakiLin : USO.
SayuEri : LOL.
JunJun : Dude! I told her to stay away from the dog food...
Aichan : *pretends everything is rainbow and spring flowers*
Reina : Oh god, my nose is falling off. I'm outta here~
Koharu : Sugoooi cool camera making cute noises *woot*
Insatiable wota is insatiable.
Dude with the MM PB : Can I haz 200 more copies of this plox?

Aichan : ... because someone stole ALL the feckin drinks man!
JunJun : *thinks* I need a good place to hide.

I could pretty easily fit under Miya's dress if I cling to her legs ♥
JunJun XXL underpants do not want.

Hagiwara is going to pull out your eyes with her bare thumb while slowly singing Everyday Zekkochou to you. Now that's torture ._.

Even though I focused on Aichan's legs for a bit too long, I STILL can't unsee the creature on the far right. *traumatized*

Too much epik win in this picture.
Aichan being hawt as fook, JunJun in the middle of something interesting with her mike, and LinLin... *is not worth of such awesome fierceness*
*collapses dramatically*

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Rival Survival is billion shades of win.


*calms down after a major fangirl spaz attack*
Cough. Uhm hi again 8D
I wanted to revive this blog (yet again) with some serious entry, with no retarded squeeing or rambling about how much I love my Momusu, objective, and most definitely, 100 % Aichan unbiased.

Well that won't happen :D Not today at least xD
Ada shall rant a bit about how epic this tour is promising to be, just because she can 8D

Posters = kickass.

Military patterned themes just wont grow old 8D Looking at them, I immediately think of Destiny's Child survivor lol. XD
Hi there Gorgeous Aichan
Sayu and Eri's hair looking great 8D
Badass Gaki = love *_*

The hell with Aika's outfit?! I know it's not her fault for wearing it but... it seriously doens't suit her. At all ._.
Reina with that hair again x_x Psh. I don't like the bow~ (JJ's is fine though~)

Awesome design for the fans 8D
Even though that green is kinda eye hurting, I like it xD

Aichan looking scorching hot x_x
Beautiful Sayu o_o ♥
Gaki's really working this look 8D

Do not want ok? Do NOT want.

Uhm... the shirts would follow here but I don't like them too much D:
Now the towels 8DDD

My LinLin ;___; I'm gonna miss you SO much D:
She looks great here *w*
Same for Kame D: Poofy hair is cuuuute :3

But BY FAR the best is....
o___o;; ♥
Leader takes sexy to another level. Aaah look at those thighs 8D

While everyone is trying to be sexay, she pouts ._.
Well even if she tried, I wouldn't be impressed so yeah~ xD
Ugh x_x this is disturbing D: lol.
Like she has a great body and all, but she fails at sexy. Sorry Aika~
I've seen worse than this in AKB, but you're just too cute to be revealed like that ._.


These are like. My favourite MM merchandise ever.
I'll see if I can get some photosets or the Aichan towel~ *w*

Ai Takahashi - Stuck